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The Royal Salute Coronation Cup

Imagine you are organising the event of the year. What would it be like to bring together in one room a Bond girl, the European Sceptic Society's female president, a singer from a famous British girl band and a top business woman?

  • What would this diverse group of amazingly successful women talk about?

  • How would each of them host a glittering table full of polo lovers and enthusiasts?

  • What would they wear and what matching jewellery would they choose?

The answer is in the pictures.

Back in 2016, I had the unique opportunity to co-organise The Royal Salute Coronation Cup event with support from Garrard. I invited all those women I teased you with above: Naomie Harris, Claire Klingenberg, Vanessa White and Dato’ Yeoh Soo Min. Claire and Dato were adorned in Garrard's signature diamond jewellery.

This would not be a stylish event without some true gentlemen. So we hosted Thom Evans (the sports personality), Peter Legler (investor), Chike Okonkwo (English-Nigerian actor) and Jakub Kroulik (the Czech Republic’s star hypnotist). They led the toasts for His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh with Royal Salute whisky in Garrard’s traditional silver cups.

A brass band parade, sunshine and the sight of Prince Philip, the President of the Guards Polo Club, presenting the Garrard Coronation Cup to the winning team… All of this and the sparkling company made the day an experience of a lifetime, in which the guests were treated royally while meeting the Royalty.


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