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The Hurlingham Club

Updated: Aug 31

Berkeley Dress Show 2010

The Hurlingham Club, London

Charity: Veterans Aid

The Berkeley Dress Show opens the London Season and is one of its most important and prestigious events, and so I was proud to have organised the Show at the Hurlingham Club in 2010, which was one of the biggest and grandest to ever take place.

Designers working in every style in the world of London College of Fashion showcased their talents in an evening of unforgettable glamour, and the debutantes making their entrances in high society cut striking figures, turning heads and attracting the attention of the media at large. I take pride and pleasure in helping every girl to look her best and make a statement, and on this grand occasion they could not have made a better first impression.

Lukas Kroulik and his creative team
University of the Arts London - Alumni in the Headlines

HELLO! No 1122, 10th May 2010
HELLO! No 1122, 10th May 2010


HELLO! No 1122, 10th May 2010, pp 88 - 89


University of the Arts London

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