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Lukas Kroulik is an Anglo-Czech multidisciplinary artist. Lukas’ art focuses on environmentalism - with a twist. Rather than communicating the negative aspects of climate change, he uses his art as a medium to raise awareness about the beauty, joy and creative possibilities of acting sustainably. Over the last two years, he has exhibited in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition and the Chelsea Arts Club, also curating a digital art exhibition for London Business School in Spring 2023, featuring Royal Academy Exhibitors alongside his work, as part of a series of sustainability-oriented events. Lukas takes his mission beyond exhibited works of art into helping a range of personal clients-including members of the Royal Family, rising musicians, global management gurus, fashion entrepreneurs and rising younger talent to celebrate living at their most sustainable best. He combined the disciplines from his postgraduate work in fashion photography at the University of the Arts London and psychotherapy from Regent’s University to express his passion for personal flourishing through portraiture, creative events and personal branding.

Lukas Kroulik - Czech Republic.jpg

Sustainable art is art in harmony with the key principles of sustainability. That includes topics of ecology, social justice, non-violence and grassroots democracy. In recent years, Lukas gradually started shifting his focus on sustainability matters and issues and voicing his concerns and messages through artistic mediums. He has participated in projects and movements across the globe while working on his creative projects. His work which is produced from recycled / environmentally friendly materials and printed with zero carbon emissions has been exhibited and showcased in many leading art institutions receiving the attention and appreciation it deserves. 


Lukas has designed and produced some of London’s high-end events in London and abroad. Those include the British Heart Foundation’s Tunnel of Love, Grace Chen’s Lancaster House fashion show, The London Season’s Debutante ball, a fashion show Power of Identity celebrating the last 100 years of Czech culture and fashion, or a special birthday party for one of China’s leading female entrepreneurs. His creative ideas, strong work ethic, and professional yet warm and personal approach combined with years of experience are the perfect blend for producing exciting and enjoyable events.


When it comes to Personal Branding service, it is more than a photography session. Rather than only capturing a perfect photo of a client, Lukas sparks a conversation first to understand the purpose behind the client´s need for a new image, how that might differ from previous looks, and what locations or events will bring their look most vividly to life. His role is a producer as well as an artist - he takes care of all the aspects of the session. Lukas works with clients across a very broad spectrum – including members of the Royal family, management gurus, artists, and successful entrepreneurs.

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