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Stephen Bungay by LK - IMG_6732.jpg

My client Stephen is a world-class management thinker and military historian, who frequently appears on television and is regularly featured across the full range of media. Stephen’s delivery is superb – he came to me wanting to explore how he could develop a look that would reinforce his presence on stage. He already had everything he needed, and my job was simply to draw this out. He wondered about updating his wardrobe, but in the end, we saw no need. Together we focused on favourite shirts and jackets which brought to life his persona as an intellectual country gentleman, rooted in English culture.

Brigitte - Concert Pianist.jpg

I met Brigitte at a debutante ball in 2016. What immediately struck me was her great skill in networking, thanks to her lively engaging style of interaction. We spoke of her dreams as an artist. Even an outstanding pianist finds it difficult to make a career in music today – the key to that is recognition and personal presence. After she explained to me her Russian heritage, the idea of celebrating the Russian revolution germinated and we created together a special concert event in Pushkin House the following year. I designed a look and feel for Brigitte to show her both as an artist and as a vivacious Chelsea girl. On social media, we increased her active followers from 0 to 50 000 in just 10 months.


Kam has been transforming her career from being a tax inspector with many years of service in the government to becoming a chef. She sought my advice as she came to the end of her Le Cordon Bleu training. We discussed where she wished to focus her skills as a chef. Kam is a colourful personality, very creative, and loves drawing – and it was a no-brainer to see that all of those would come together in the kitchen through her work as a pastry chef. I styled her look to reflect brightness and creativity – the background to her photos shows the primary colours of her work: chocolate, pistachio and strawberry.

Hot Spots Movement 10 Years by LK - A843

Hot Spots Movement is a long-term client of mine – I have been working with them for over a decade. They transform organisations through extraordinary innovative communication, using the full range of modern technology. This photo series was designed to show what the company has evolved to become in its ten-year celebration – it features the whole team, moving on from my earlier work creating portraits of Hot Spots leaders and photographing key events. I styled the team using the colours from the Hot Spot’s logo, developing a collective look reflecting who they are – young, diverse, smart, bright people loving new technology.

This cover photograph is for The 100-Year Life, a ground-breaking book that has become an international bestseller by one of the world’s most renowned management writers, Lynda, and her economist colleague Andrew. My main challenge in this photo was to show Andrew and Lynda as equal colleagues – rather than as a couple. The key was to play down gender identity and I have achieved this with simple styling, the tight crop that isolated Andrew and Lynda in their own space, and the prominent background of books, which both symbolised the future of knowledge (a key theme of the book) and underscored the seriousness of their achievement.


Michael is a successful property developer and a key element of the brief was to project exactly that in this publicity shot. Michael wanted to look highly professional, young, confident and wealthy. He brought his own energy and imagination to bear on the project as we planned it, and together we experimented with his body language to reinforce the message of success, I explored lighting options, eventually deciding on a lighting setup that casts a glow around his image.

mt_2014-07-04_1 web size.jpg

Leading international magazine, Management Today, featured my client Lynda on its cover. Here, the brief was to portray Lynda as a problem solver, in keeping with the thrust of the feature on her work. I designed this image with a tight crop to catch attention and to start telling the problem-solving story. I styled Lynda in a simple work shirt to convey the look of a knowledge worker actively thinking and debating the issues that had been given to her to address. At the same time, I show her accessories, which while simple and understated, clearly show that she is a knowledge worker of outstanding significance.


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