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In Tortuguero we met a fascinating individual, Christian Ríos, who described himself as the indigenous person who as a teenager experienced something very special which changed his life and ability to live and communicate with nature and animals. His grandfather and mother were his big influences on the way he lives a happy life.

Sometimes the invisible can make the biggest difference. I have created these three impactful images to demonstrate that education and ecoturism can safe trees. A mangrove is a tree that grows mainly in coastal saline or brackish water.

Mangrove Leaf & Glass Frog (from the ground level) by Lukas Kroulik, Costa Rica 2023.

Mangroves grow in an equatorial climate, typically along coastlines and tidal rivers.

Mangrove Forrest (from the air) by Lukas Kroulik, Costa Rica 2023.

They have special adaptations to take in extra oxygen and to remove salt, which allow them to tolerate conditions that would kill most plants.

Mangrove Roots (from the water level) by Lukas Kroulik, Costa Rica 2023.

Borreraig, Isle of Skye

Art installation and photography by Lukas Kroulik.

How it started Fishing Buoys 2020 and how it is going four years later. Getting greener!?

... to be continued.

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Alumni Network 'We are UAL Sustainability Alumni Network. We Educate, Showcase & Connect students and alumni practising sustainable methods of business and design.

We Educate - My inspiration comes from meeting and making friends with engaged people like me who want to make a difference to the world through art.

Central Saint Martins provides a magnificent networking space, not just because of the spectacular premises, because the design facilitates every kind of conversation. I mingled with current students and alumni, and we compared their experiences with mine from when I studied at UAL in 2010. Since the event I have remained in good contact with those I met and I know that there will be many new collaborative opportunities arising from these introductions. And the great refreshments certainly helped!

Lukas Kroulik and glass-art-designer Jim Rokos at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Photo by Zen Aqeel.

We Showcase - I was so proud to be chosen as one of the three guest speakers at Sustainable Horizons: Going Forwards II on November 16. As my artistic career has developed from the wonderful start given to me by UAL, I have progressively focused my work on creating awareness of the huge challenges we face and the impact of sustainable lifestyles on the environment and our happiness. This was such a great opportunity to share my experiences and stories as well as my work recently featured at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Chelsea Arts Club.

Lukas Kroulik presenting his awareness art called Redemption at Central Saint Martins LVMH lecture theatre. Photo by Zen Aqeel.

We Educate - I have a passion for learning and melding disciplines, more formally building on my artistic training with a psychotherapy qualification from Regent's University, and more spontaneously taking advantage of every opportunity to pursue inspirational themes. For me that was the highlight of the event. I found incredible diversity with UAL alumni from all kinds of walks of life and different places in the creative industries. What a wonderful chance to share, practice and develop UAL still gives us.

Speakers: Lukas Kroulik, Hanna Whiteman and Constance Jeffreys (L-R) with Katie Kubrak, President of the Sustainability Alumni Network. Photo by Zen Aqeel.
Hanna Whiteman, Constance Jeffreys, Katie Kubrak - President of the Sustainability Alumni Network and Lukas Kroulik (L-R). Photo by Angela Tozzi.

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