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In the heart of Costa Rica, under the moon's gentle glow, a mother leatherback turtle emerged from the depths of the ocean. With a determined grace, she made her way up the sandy shore, guided by an ancient instinct that had been passed down through generations.

As she reached the perfect spot, she began her ritual, digging a deep nest with her powerful flippers. Soon, she laid her precious eggs, each one a tiny promise of life. Despite the challenges she faced, from predators lurking in the shadows to the ever-present threat of human encroachment, she remained steadfast in her task.

Art installation'Millions of Eggs' inspired by 🥚 of the leatherback turtle, the largest living species of turtle, mixed media on plate by Lukas Kroulik, 2024.

Months passed, and one by one, the eggs hatched, filling the night with the joyful chirping of newborn turtles. Guided by the same instinct that brought their mother to this beach, they embarked on their perilous journey to the sea.

But the survival rate was uncertain. For every hundred hatchlings that scrambled towards the ocean, only a few would make it past the treacherous obstacles that awaited them. Yet, against all odds, some would survive, growing into majestic creatures that would one day return to this very beach to continue the cycle of life.

Despite the challenges they faced, there was hope in the air—a hope that with continued conservation efforts and the dedication of those who cared for these ancient creatures, the leatherback turtles would continue to thrive in the warm waters of Costa Rica, laying their eggs under the watchful gaze of the moon for generations to come.

6th March 2024, Chelesa Arts Club

As a Chelsea Arts Club artist member I was invited to interpret the theme ‘All That Life Can Afford’. According to Dr Samuel Johnson, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London ‘All that life can afford’.

I decided to share this opportunity and collaborated with a current MA student at Central Saint Martins, Poojan Gupta, to create an artwork for this year’s Charity Auction Exhibition.

We have both been looking at repurposing found objects and we are both conscious about finding new ways to be more sustainable and demonstrate how we can be even more creative and make positive statements about sustainability with our art.

SAFAR - CESTA - JOURNEY, Lot 113, by Lukas Kroulik and Poojan Gupta. Sold 🔴

“Journey” unfolds as an exquisite testament to artistic ingenuity, transcending its origins through the meticulous process of individually cutting, crushing, and skillfully gluing 1224 pieces of collected medical packaging onto the 12x12 canvas.

This transformative act elevates discarded materials into a visually stunning mosaic, where the beauty of each carefully arranged piece not only reflects the art of repetition but also underscores the capacity to create something extraordinary from the mundane.

Lukas Kroulik and Poojan Gupta collaborate on a project for 2024 Charity Auction.

“Journey” becomes even more resonant as the tiny metal red London bus, a pivotal element in the artwork, holds a personal narrative. Discovered in a gutter on the rain-soaked streets of Covent Garden during a leisurely Sunday morning with a friend, the repurposed medicinal packaging now not only echoes broader themes but encapsulates a specific moment in time.

The raindrops, the cobblestone streets, and the shared experience with a friend infuse the artwork with a unique emotional depth, inviting viewers to connect with the journey not just on a societal level but also on a personal, intimate scale.

All works in the Exhibition are for sale by auction, and all proceeds will be split evenly between the two Club charities, the Chelsea Arts Club Trust, who will direct our donations to support young artists’ education, and the Artists’ General Benevolent Institution, which supports artists who cannot work due to illness, accident or older age.

Lukas Kroulik and Poojan Gupta outside the Chelsea Arts Club.

The starting bid for all artworks is £60 ... but let's see what happens up to the finish line on 22nd March 2024.

How to bid

Register online using your name, email address and by creating a password at


In Tortuguero we met a fascinating individual, Christian Ríos, who described himself as the indigenous person who as a teenager experienced something very special which changed his life and ability to live and communicate with nature and animals. His grandfather and mother were his big influences on the way he lives a happy life.

Sometimes the invisible can make the biggest difference. I have created these three impactful images to demonstrate that education and ecoturism can safe trees. A mangrove is a tree that grows mainly in coastal saline or brackish water.

Mangrove Leaf & Glass Frog (from the ground level) by Lukas Kroulik, Costa Rica 2023.

Mangroves grow in an equatorial climate, typically along coastlines and tidal rivers.

Mangrove Forrest (from the air) by Lukas Kroulik, Costa Rica 2023.

They have special adaptations to take in extra oxygen and to remove salt, which allow them to tolerate conditions that would kill most plants.

Mangrove Roots (from the water level) by Lukas Kroulik, Costa Rica 2023.

Special Adaptations: Mangroves artwork - handprinted on wooden panels by Lukas Kroulik, 2024.

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