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Since my childhood I have been sending postcards, letters and small objects by post. I have alway been fascinated how the postal system world-wide has been working too that is why I have been sending postcards to the deserving friends from all of my travels too.

Let's start a challenge or a little competition on here. What type of random objects can one post by the Royal mail?

Here are several random objects stamped and franked by the Royal mail and addressed to me.

Mail art is a movement based around the idea of sending small scale artworks through the postal service, rather than exhibiting or selling them đź“©#artbypost

  • Lukas Kroulik

Updated: 3 days ago

Why Chrysalis? Because it symbolises my first inspiration, i.e. wanting to demonstrate movement, development, flowing and emerging from one state into another.

I wanted to produce a series of six photos, which will show that at any moment in a woman's life there will always be the possibility of reinvention. She can dream and go into the future or back into the past and enact or re-enact any stage of her development. I see my images as a journey from one form to another. Each can be seen like a dance or the flow of a river.

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