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April 2023, Social Impact Club Conference, London Business School

My vision is to bring awareness to climate change and sustainability through art. We need research and innovation to make an impact. We need keynote speakers who are respected globally and we also need artistic inspiration that touches the heart.

Professor Ioannis Ioannou, artwork by Maria Pavledis - Social Impact Conference photo Lukas Kroulik.

Professor Ioannis Ioannou, artwork by Adrian Houston - Social Impact Conference photo Lukas Kroulik.

Professor Ioannis Ioannou, artwork by Angus Vine - Social Impact Conference photo Lukas Kroulik.

Adrian Houston, Ioannis Ioannou, Alexis Brannan, Zara Matthews and Lukas Kroulik (L-R) photo by Kate Coe.

I am so lucky to have this genuinely diverse group of friends who bring together so many impactful voices.

I am thrilled that I could support the 5th Social Impact Club Conference at London Business School and curate a digital art exhibition with my fellow RASummer2022 exhibitors.

  • Writer's pictureLukas Kroulik

London Business School

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As a force for the good, business must engage with the most pressing, heartfelt concerns of the world. Many of those concerns can be analysed through the classic disciplines of a great Business School, but to touch our own hearts as leaders – and the hearts of those we lead – we need more. We need emotional engagement and inspiration. We will find these through the powerful expressions that artists convey to us through their hopes and fears for the future in this time when they acutely feel the way in which the world hangs in the balance.

The LBS Social Impact Club is proud to host an extraordinary selection of works of art on the theme of climate change recently exhibited at London's Royal Academy, curated by artist and curator Lukas Kroulik, whose work, with his fellow exhibitors, was chosen by the judges for the 2022 Royal Academy summer exhibition. Their work has been widely featured, in one case chosen to commemorate the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

We are featuring 15 pieces that will be projected throughout the week introduced by Prof Ioannis Ioannou in his keynote talk on social impact on April 13. The exhibitors’ biographies will be available through QR codes on their work, and many of them will be present in person.

“Left Behind” - featuring plastic containers repurposed as floats for a Brazilian community’s fish farm.

  • Writer's pictureLukas Kroulik

Chelsea Arts Club Charity Auction 2023

Each year Members of the Chelsea Arts Club create an original artwork on canvas to sell at auction, with proceeds going to the two Club charities, the Chelsea Arts Club Trust and the Artists' General Benevolent Institution. The CAC Trust provides grants for young artists at critical points in their career and the AGBI supports artists who cannot work due to illness, accident or older age.

Lukas Kroulik with his artwork number 108, Chelsea Arts Club Charity Auction 2023.

All works are on display to Members and their guests at the Club however bidding is on-line via this page. Bidding is open to Members and non-Members.

A. V. M. by Lukas Kroulik, lucky number 108, for Chelsea Arts Club Charity Auction 2023.

My artwork was created and adapted from my Summer Exhibition 2023 entry to tie together my vision on connection the theme 'Animal, Vegetable, Mineral' for a canvas 12" x 12".

I was true to my sustainability and climate change message and to make it special I applied a piece of discontinued art paper, my original photo test prints, piece of string from a Vivienne Westwood label, left-over gold leaf given to me by a friend and award winning book binder Laura West who used it for one of her latest book binding vegan projects.

Chelsea Arts Club.

The starting bid for all artworks is £50 ... but let's see what happens up to the finish line on 14th April 2023.

How to bid

Register online using your name, email address and by creating a password at

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