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Millions of Eggs - Art Installation

In the heart of Costa Rica, under the moon's gentle glow, a mother leatherback turtle emerged from the depths of the ocean. With a determined grace, she made her way up the sandy shore, guided by an ancient instinct that had been passed down through generations.

As she reached the perfect spot, she began her ritual, digging a deep nest with her powerful flippers. Soon, she laid her precious eggs, each one a tiny promise of life. Despite the challenges she faced, from predators lurking in the shadows to the ever-present threat of human encroachment, she remained steadfast in her task.

Art installation'Millions of Eggs' inspired by 🥚 of the leatherback turtle, the largest living species of turtle, mixed media on plate by Lukas Kroulik, 2024.

Months passed, and one by one, the eggs hatched, filling the night with the joyful chirping of newborn turtles. Guided by the same instinct that brought their mother to this beach, they embarked on their perilous journey to the sea.

But the survival rate was uncertain. For every hundred hatchlings that scrambled towards the ocean, only a few would make it past the treacherous obstacles that awaited them. Yet, against all odds, some would survive, growing into majestic creatures that would one day return to this very beach to continue the cycle of life.

Despite the challenges they faced, there was hope in the air—a hope that with continued conservation efforts and the dedication of those who cared for these ancient creatures, the leatherback turtles would continue to thrive in the warm waters of Costa Rica, laying their eggs under the watchful gaze of the moon for generations to come.

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