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Sunny came to London to study business at UCL, one of the world's leading higher education institutions, and went on to join top-ranked global consulting firm McKinsey and Co in Shanghai.

But she wanted to expand her social horizons at the same time. Lukas designed an exclusive social programme for Sunny, introducing her to famous London Business School professors Lynda Gratton and Dominic Houlder.

Sunny in the spotlight styled and coached by Lukas Kroulik.

In this series of images Sunny can be seen enjoying the company of Princess Olga Romanoff, partying with Russian socialite and star pianist Brigitte Subkov, and making a glittering appearance in the highest levels of British society.

  • Lukas Kroulik

* Styling the Yeoh Sisters * Rachel Yeoh & Michelle Yeoh

Rachel Yeoh styled and photographed by Lukas Kroulik.

Michelle Yeoh styled and photographed by Lukas Kroulik.

Lukas Kroulik photographed the legendary Scottish milliner John Boyd MBE and his hat designs.

Lukas Kroulik coached, styled and directed the debutantes for the international media photo-shoot.

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John Boyd Hats

Daily Mail - Female


Harper's Bazaar

Royal Hats

  • Lukas Kroulik

In their Wikipedia entries, the famous Malaysian Yeoh twins list the London Season’s Queen Charlotte's Ball, held at dreamlike Kensington Palace, as a highlight of their time in London, alongside their studies at King's College law school.

The ball, designed and led by Lukas as the London Season's creative director, featured Rachel and Michelle as the very first Malaysians and the very first twins to appear in this signature social calendar event.

Today, Rachel and Michelle are leaders in the fashion world. Both served together on the advisory committee for the British Fashion Council, which determines the allocation of funds and grants given to designers.

Anna Ermakova, Tara Garigue, Michelle Yeoh, Lukas Kroulik, Wendy Yu and Rachel Yeoh.

Ziwei Luo (in the black dress) who introduced the twins to Lukas Kroulik.

It was a joy to work with Rachel and Michelle Yeoh from Malaysia. They were so fashion forward already and their very polished style and manners stood out to me.

I taught deportment and how to curtsy.

Lukas Kroulik rehearsing with the debutantes for the Queen Charlotte's Ball procession at Kensington Palace.

I was pleased to help the whole Yeoh family to make a debut at the Kensington Palace.

Lukas Kroulik styled, coached and supported the Malaysia's twins Rachel and Michelle Yeoh.  

Michelle and Rachel were so at ease in front of the photo cameras and I was so pleased to coach them and support them on this journey.

Lukas Kroulik styled, coached and supported the Malaysia's twins Rachel and Michelle Yeoh.

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