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Afternoon Tea with a Princess

Scarlett’s studies at world-famous London College of Fashion led to her aspiration to know how high fashion is lived, not just designed. Lukas’ close friend Princess Olga Romanoff welcomed Scarlett and her friends to an exclusive tea party in her countryside mansion – in Princess Olga both Russian and British aristocracy are combined.

Her Highness Princess Olga Romanoff, Lukas Kroulik and Scarlett.

To master the art of polite English conversation what could be better than individual tuition from the Royal Family’s personal tutor, and Lukas’ business partner, Richard Hilliard. Here Scarlett meets Richard for one of her lessons in the prestigious Travellers Club, the quintessential home for English gentlemen founded in 1819 for them to entertain distinguished foreign guests.

Scarlett is dedicated to the arts, and not just as an observer. She wanted to put the finishing touch to the ballet skills that she had learned in China. Lukas arranged for her to take a private class with a star ballerina at the Royal Academy of Dance.

To complement her expertise in the world of fashion, Scarlett chose to learn styling: but only from the best. Here, Lukas Kroulik draws on his experience as Royal stylist to give Scarlett his wisdom and insights.

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