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Hat Show at the Ritz

Berkeley Dress Show 2017 - Hat Show at the Ritz London #ritzreveals

The Berkeley Dress Show is a cornerstone event in the London Season, and 2017’s hat show at the Ritz was the absolute quintessence of the fun and glamour of making one’s debut.

Chinese ladies styled, coached and photographed by Lukas Kroulik

I had a fantastic time in my role as educator and creative collaborator, as I had the chance to match each girl with the right hat and work closely with the royal milliner John Boyd and his team as well as the fabulous Ritz itself to create an event where everyone felt welcome.

Debutantes showcasing the latest John Boyd hats.

The legendary John Boyd taught Princess Diana how to use her hats to convey a message or express a mood to unforgettable effect, and with my unique approach to styling, every woman’s story was told eloquently in much the same timeless way.

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