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Fast Eco Luxury - The Berkeley Dress Show 2023

Updated: Jan 10

1st September 2023, Harrods

As an artist and creative director focusing on the aesthetics of sustainability I was given an unique opportunity to highlight how quality designer clothes can be good for the environment and showcase the way we can challenge fast fashion while looking chic, sophisticated and stylish.

MY WARDROBE HQ is the UK’s first fashion rental marketplace which provides you with the best designer contemporary and luxury womenswear fashion such as Stella McCartney.

I styled the Berkeley Dress Show debutantes in specially selected designer gowns from MY WARDROBE HQ and rented John Boyd hats made in London by milliner Sarah Marshall.

Harrods offered its private client service suites where I was able to style each model to reflect her personality and style.

Debutantes styled by Lukas Kroulik in rental designer clothes and hats in front of Harrods.

I discovered Build Your Dreams (BYD) electric Cars which are overtaking Tesla for travelling in style and comfort while slashing the carbon footprint.

The BYD team drove the debutantes from Harrods to the Café Royal and back. These Cars had plenty of room for spacious rented dresses and hats.


President Stella Li and Alice Wang, BYD Cars, in front of the Café Royal.

I was delighted to lend my skills in styling, coaching and producing this iconic and now diverse British event.

The Berkeley Dress Show 2023 produced by Lukas Kroulik.

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