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Kensington Palace

Queen Charlotte's Ball 2015

Lukas Kroulik - Creative Director, Visualiser and It-girl Maker

Theme: Cinderella

Held at the dreamlike Kensington Palace, this year’s ball served as a fundraiser for Children with Cancer UK with debutantes dressed in the designs of Emma Victoria Payne to a Cinderella theme, but it also served as a beautiful setting for the story of a girl who made an effortlessly elegant debut in the London Season.

Lukas Kroulik choreographing, styling and coaching the debutantes.

Wendy Yu was new to London, and she came to me hoping to learn all the things that a debutante trained in the British tradition should know if she wants to make her debut. It was my pleasure to introduce Wendy to all the right people in British society, and her charm and grace captured the hearts of everybody she met, and the international media as well.

In her efforts to impress her parents and make them proud of their daughter, Wendy underwent a profound transformation. She began her journey as a determined young woman, and with my guidance, she glowed with all the elegance and light of an evening star.

Tara Harandi-Zadeh, Michelle Yeoh, Lukas Kroulik, Wendy Yu, Alexandra Chun with her friend and Rachel Yeoh.

In my work, I made every effort to help every girl making her debut to feel her very best, and Wendy’s story is an inspiring example for her spectacular success.

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