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New Debutantes

I am deeply proud of these images, created on the occasion of a fundraiser for the charity Children with Cancer UK. Working closely with each of the wonderful debutantes dressed in gowns designed by Emma Victoria Payne, I designed and directed the photoshoot, which I was able to create to promote the upcoming Queen Charlotte’s Ball.

The Dean’s House of the London Business School provided a wonderful location for bringing out the best in each girl’s personal glamour, access to which was made possible by the personal connections that I have cultivated over the years.

After all, learning to make one’s debut is all about education, which made the Business School an apt backdrop, especially for the up-and-coming businesswomen in the group! I took a lot of pride in helping these girls to have the best debut they could imagine, and this very special photoshoot represents my vision for the modern debutante, who is international, influential, and unique.

As featured in HELLO! magazine.

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