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Making the Perfect Match

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The Lanesborough, Royal Suite, London

One of my favourite aspects of what I do is that styling can be so much fun! On this particular occasion, I set out to select the perfect hats for Lady Penny and Ella Mountbatten.

Lukas Kroulik ready to match the perfect John Boyd hats.

I am very close with my clients, and they always feel safe in my company. In my professional practice, I create an environment where my clients feel creative and curious, at the same time that they feel helped and supported.

Lady Penny and Ella Mountbatten styled by Lukas Kroulik and photographed by Vogue photographer Eliska Sky.

My enthusiasm and my knowledge, instilled in me during my studies at the London College of Fashion, will make your experience of finding your perfect match to feel effortless.

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