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Power of Identity - Lockdown Fashion Story from the Narrow Corridor

Updated: May 2, 2020

Here is a brilliant Czech-British connection. As you see the images you'll think that they were shot in 2020 Coronavirus lockdown: check out the fashion masks. But this is a prophecy - two years ahead of the end of time!

Back then, Lukas Kroulik loved working with Czech top fashion designer Liběna Rochova and her very talented students, namely Edward Ganoczy, Michaela Čapková and Natálie Nepovímová, from Prague UMPRUM at The Czech Centre London's ‘Power of Identity’ fashion event for 2018.

Here he curated a selection of his favorite shots which fit the current 2020 mood (masks, shields, boundaries and distancing).

Lukas has demonstrated a fabulous example how great fashion can be produced even in the very narrow green room corridor of Japan House before the models enter the catwalk. You can see the all final touches and attention to detail which goes into every garment styling. Lukas so enjoyed producing these hidden gems which not everyone could see in the main room: this revealed all the good creative energy and excited anticipation before the actual show.

Prague UMPRUM is the only Central and Eastern European school that figures in the indices of prestigious European and world art schools.

Each year the school organises over 15 exhibitions, half of which are shown abroad just like this fashion presentation in London.

Photography: Daniaal Khalid

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