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A Royal Debut

Grace Chen’s European takeover could not have reached more dizzying heights than the special night when Princess Olga Romanoff made her debut as a model to wear a dress designed especially for her. It was my pleasure to introduce her to this bold, fresh designer, and by contributing my own research into the history of the Romanoff family and the personal background of the Princess, I helped to assist Grace Chen in her design of the dress.

Her Highness Princess Olga Romanoff photographed by Eliska Sky.

The dress itself was designed in Grace’s studios in Shanghai, and the final fitting took place with her team in London. As part of a collaboration with the venerable jewellers Garrard of London, the Princess scintillated in a dress designed exclusively for her by one of fashion’s freshest names. I take pride in the personal touch that I bring to personal styling, and I was pleased to be able to introduce Grace to the Princess in such a transformative event.

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