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One Whitehall Place

Updated: Nov 11

Queen Charlotte's Ball 2016

Lukas Kroulik - Creative Director, Visualiser and It-girl Maker

Charity: Children with Cancer UK

Location: One Whitehall Place

Theme: Alice in Wonderland - decor by Debbie Marks and dresses by Berketex


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For almost 10 years I have been helping aspiring debutantes to make the entrance into the British high society.

Each year I have been given the opportunity by the London Season to work closely with the girls and their families. Teaching them deportment and helping them to present them at their best at the revival of the Queen Charlotte's Ball. I have been donating my creative ideas and more to this charitable cause.

My vision for 2016 was to create a dream like location and something from Alice in Wonderland.

I designed the look and feel for the makeup and hair design.

Lukas Kroulik coached, styled and directed the debutantes for the international media photo-shoot.

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