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Superhero Trees

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

April 2020, Isle of Skye, Highlands, Scotland

According to the Scottish Crofting Federation and its woodland team it is exceedingly difficult to grow fruit trees on Isle of Skye, due to the extreme climatic condition. As well as the weather there are other obstacles, such as deer.

Woodland Trust professionals.

As a child I read about a gardener who was looking to find a resilient tree to grow in uncertain conditions somewhere in Russia, so I have decided to do the same in the Scottish Highlands during these uncertain COVID-19 times.

Book 'Jablon' (Apple Tree) by Nikolaj Smirnov.

I have already experienced deer herd invasions, so I have been looking at ways to defend these fragile apple trees.

When I shared a photo of these trees protected with bin bags as deer scarers, a friend of mine said that they look like superheroes. That gave me the idea that they are superheroes!

The white bin bags are giving this tree superheroe's wings.

The apple tree is just about to blossom.


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