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The No More Manifesto Opening Night

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

5th March 2020, SAAS Gallery, Chelsea, London

Nicola Peers, Chrystèle Ferté, Lukas Kroulik, Frederique Feder, Sofya Abbott and Slava Sidorenkov (L-R)

As part of my series of creative events, I produced a new Chelsea show – “The No More Manifesto” #TNMM in support of Woman's Trust – which I launched last week. Over 120 people ignored the typical March London weather to get inside the art installation which I curated, together with other artworks, films and signed limited edition fine art photographs - all of which are for sale at SAAS Gallery, which kindly hosted the event.

Guests included Nicola Peers from Woman’s Trust, Tabitha Morton of the Women’s Equality Party, and Dawn Butler, the UK’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equality. There were many messages of support and encouragement from Liz Brewer, Barbara Donoghue and Kate Grussing - just to name a few women in the public eye.

This was an extraordinarily interactive event in which all visitors co-created the art installation, working with artist Frederique Feder and adding words to her canvases. While creating the art-work we all had a new and very different opportunity to discuss how we can make practical changes in our lives, empowering ourselves. The show came just before International Women's Day and the many other March events related to “No More” week throughout London's art and political scenes. It has been featured across a range of media, including Russian.

Special thanks go to SAAS Gallery, who sponsored the event. Event photography was by Eliska Sky - who came to support my work as curator and donated these photographs to Women’s Trust.

Join us again every Thursday afternoon and evening throughout March 2020

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Emma, my friend, enjoyed the original artwork put together to demonstrate the plight of domestically abused people It was original and fun to dip a paint brush in and write what comes to ones mind to specifically show ones one viewpoint on this subject A great evening and a great talking point beautifully choreographed by Lukas Kroulik


I attended on Thursday at the Sass gallery  in Chelsea a wonderful and important gathering beautifully organised by Lukas Kroulik for the Woman’s Trust. So worthwhile and thank you Lukas for making it all happen and ensuring that all who came could enjoy the evening and focus on such an important subject that we all need to know more about and support those that do suffer, often in silence, domestic abuse. I do hope this is now an annual event so it’s high on everyone's conscience and in their agenda.

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