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Afternoon Tea with a Princess

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Provender House, the home of HH Princess Olga Romanoff

What makes a lady or a gentleman? I have been asked this question many times - so I decided to create a practical afternoon experience with an opportunity for visitors, over an afternoon tea with my dear friend, for many years, HH Princess Olga Romanoff and Russian pianist and socialite Brigitte Subkov.

Not everyone gets an opportunity to have an afternoon tea and private conversation with a Princess at her home.

My visitors could see how it looks and feels to be a real Princess. This was a unique opportunity for my Chinese visitors to model their Chinese fashion designs, introduce new products and also dance and sing in front of Princess Olga and discuss music with Brigitte - who shared her stories from her time as a debutante, and what was it like being a "princess" for a day!

This was the foundation for my afternoon tea club where people can come together and introduce the very best of their cultural heritage.

I already look forward to having afternoon tea with my next distinguished guest.

HH Princess Olga Romanoff, Brigitte Subkov and Lukas Kroulik (center L - R)

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