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Identity - Finding and Breaking the Limits

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Lockdown creativity has no limits - right now we see lots of celebrity make-up artists and hair stylist giving tips on how to style, cut or colour ones hair and experiment with make-up looks and trying out some fashion styling. This first creative example by Lukas Kroulik from 2004 is inspired by Andy Warhol: it's about being playful with one's identity and finding what others are seeing or want to see.

This collage wall was inspired by Andy Warhol and his paintings 'Before and After' from 1961

Warhol's pop culture movement - "The Factory" - drew on the commercialisation of art put on steroids through the advertising industry. My 2007 collage incorporates a classic advert for Cesar, a high-end pet food. In the Factory, Warhol was a replicator - think Campbell's Soups. This pushes even beyond Warhol's boundaries.

This collage reflects a classic pet food advert

Lukas Kroulik? - collage by Lukas Kroulik.

Andy Warhol? - styling, art direction, collage by Lukas Kroulik.

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