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Fashion Diversity by Lukas Kroulik

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This is what a powerful group of women looks like.

It was an especial pleasure for me to organise this shoot. For me, glamour and beauty comes into full flower in a room full of dynamic and interesting people, and diversity in an elegant crowd brings out the best in everybody.

The women invited to this special evening were fitted with the work of Grace Chen, fashion designer to the stars, whose designs are developed in her studios in Beijing and Shanghai. These stunning dresses were worn by some of London’s most influential women, my good friends and lovers of fashion.

Fashion designer to the stars Grace Chen with Lukas Kroulik's friends and fashion lovers.

Diversity in fashion should never be a hollow statement made to tick boxes, because true diversity celebrates all women and shows us that our differences are what make us powerful. Across any range of age or heritage, I believe that you can feel at your most empowered in clothes that represent you.

Diversity behind-the-scenes. Photo by Eliska Sky.


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