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Marking Time

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

31st May 2020

Being in lockdown and self isolation has given me the opportunity to use my personal time to the maximum and create and curate my own projects.

Many artists have explored the passage of time in their work, both as an artistic tool and as a meditation on the concept of time itself.

The life cycle of a fern demonstrates the different stages of its growth beautifully. This four-fold image of my favourite fern in our garden was inspired by French impressionist, Claude Monet, and his Rouen Cathedral series painted in the 1890s. Each painting in the series captures the facade of Rouen Cathedral at different times of the day and year and reflects changes in its appearance under different lighting conditions.

I have decided to photograph the same fern in four-day intervals. This way I see time as a "friend" who gives us the opportunity to grow and flourish.

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