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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

In my collage, originally created for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2023, I connected four original hand modified photographs on a recycled gold tray.

I am connecting the spiritual, prayer flags, and the physical, recycle bins. The flags point to the sublime, the bins to what we reject. We must bring these together to create a positive, hopeful embrace of climate change and sustainability activism, as I do in my art.

Lukas Kroulik's 75x50cm collage titled 'Redemption' framed in a mindfully sourced cherrywood, 2023.

My inspiration arose from the famously inspirational four pillars of Gross National Happiness in Bhutan.

1. Sustainable and Equitable Socio-Economic Development

2. Preservation and Promotion of Culture

3. Environmental Conservation

4. Good Governance

Tashi Chozom and Lukas Kroulik in Bhutan 2022.

The Bhutanese ideal of gross national happiness - rather than gross national product (GNP) leads immediately to concern for climate change. Here we were ever so lucky to be given insights from a great new friend. This is Tashi, who took part in the international snowman trail race in September 2022, organised by HM The King to add a new voice to the demands for action on climate risk, as the trail marked the retreat of the snowfields.

I was encouraged by my two fellow Regent's University alumni, HM The Queen of Bhutan and François van den Abeele, SEA2SEE Founder & Ceo.

We all have several things in common: successful studies at Regent's, a passion for a happy future and clean environment around us - and making a specific change and difference in areas close to us.

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