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The Royal Courts of Justice

Queen Charlotte's Ball 2013

Lukas Kroulik - Creative Director, Visualiser and It-girl Maker

Charity: SOS Children's Villages UK

As the creative director for the Queen Charlotte’s Ball in 2013, held at the fabulous and fascinating Royal Courts of Justice, I made every effort to volunteer my time to this most glamorous of events in the London Season, and it showed when my work and coaching support helped every debutante to look her very best, a fact that attracted the attention of multiple international media outlets.

The event served as a wonderfully successful fundraiser for SOS Children’s Villages UK, and the efforts of designer Caroline Castigliano made each debutante sparkle with elegance. I take great pride in making every girl feel special, and my work helped everyone I worked with to capture the hearts and imaginations of not only the guests but also admirers worldwide.

Lukas Kroulik, fashion designer Caroline Castigliano, Jive Aces and the debutantes of 2013.

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The Guardian

Daily Mail

Teen Vogue

The Vancouver Sun

Blesk CZ

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