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Bringing Dreams to Life at the Savoy

Queen Charlotte's Ball 2011

Lukas Kroulik - Creative Director, Visualiser and It-girl Maker

Designer: Phillipa Lepley

Theme: Swan Lake

At this year’s Queen Charlotte’s Ball, my efforts as creative director resulted in an unforgettably dreamlike night for every debutante at the Savoy. Working as a volunteer and giving the event all of my passion and time, I brought together a fantastic team of up-and-coming names in the London College of Fashion, giving them the chance to make their mark and forming close bonds with everybody involved.

The night was a display of effortless elegance evocative of the original events for Queen Charlotte over two hundred years ago, and my creative vision made for moments that the girls and their families would never forget – and the whole world was watching!

I also collaborated closely with Phillipa Lepley to ensure that every girl looked her very best, and we spent half a year together designing dresses inspired by Swan Lake.

The cake was an exercise in making the impossible into something real, as I collaborated with the pastry chef and chocolatier to bring one of Cecil Beaton’s sketches of a cake into life especially for this evening.

Lukas Kroulik and his creative team from the London College of Fashion.

The whole team of talented professionals who assisted in the smooth running of the evening were all outfitted with shirts of my own design, featuring my personal logo. It was important that everybody whose efforts went into making the evening perfect would be included in one enthusiastic and efficient team!

My work was recognised by British and German media, and in my interviews with both British media outlet Channel 4 and German media outlet RTL, I was able to provide an exclusive, behind-the scenes look into how I directed the way that the looks, the styles, and the evening all came together.


HELLO! No 1194, 3rd October 2011, p. 44

Country Life, No 38, 21st September 2011


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