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Summer Exhibition

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I am delighted to invite you to the 254th Summer Exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts #RASummer #lukaskroulik and introduce my image ‘Left Behind’ selected by distinguished judges Rana Begum RA and Niall McLaughlin MBE RA (artwork nr. 300 on display in the Large Weston Room).

Lukas Kroulik and his image 'Left Behind'.
Lukas Kroulik and his image 'Left Behind'.

Two of my three limited edition copies remain available following the first sale ahead of the Exhibition opening. The theme chosen by the Exhibition’s coordinator, Alison Wilding RA, is ‘Climate’.

Lukas Kroulik and his image 'Left Behind'.
Lukas Kroulik and his image 'Left Behind'.

In "Left Behind", which I exhibit here, context appears to be all: the work depicts

a sea of plastic refuse that has been repurposed by local communities to create

sustainable fish farms on the Brazilian coast near Florianopolis. The tranquillity of the

scene and the pattern of the fishing floats tells us about a harmonious reintegration

with nature. But the subjects have not disappeared: they are us, marvelling at this

peaceful image of hope emerging from the environmental tragedy of our times. "Left

Behind" stands for the horror of pollution by the profusion of rejected plastic objects;

also, for the way in which that horror can be left behind through its transformation by

engaged communities.

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition has been held every year without interruption

since 1769. As the world’s largest open submission contemporary art show, the

Summer Exhibition provides a unique platform for emerging and established artists to

showcase their works to an international audience, comprising a range of media from

painting and printmaking to photography, sculpture, architecture, and film.

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