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The Travellers Club

Updated: Feb 26, 2021


On one of the last occasions that this past year has had to offer to social gatherings, Richard Hilliard and I brought together a group of people across the spectrum of British society, from the realms of interior design and fashion photography to business and film.

We hosted our event in the very traditional Travellers Club for a select number of people, who were given the opportunity to practice what we had been teaching them about British lifestyle and culture.

Richard Hilliard and Lukas Kroulik and their international guests.

Our aim was to provide them with a real-life experience in which to meet with people at the top of their fields, so that they could engage what they had learned in an elegant yet comfortable environment. Richard and I were there to help them practice their conversation and their manners in a fully English context.

This evening of networking brought my work and Richard’s work to life, which is all about international mingling with an especial focus on the finer points of British culture.

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