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Sabrina Ho and the British Society

Café Royale, London

The Café Royale in London provided a gorgeous backdrop to the celebration of the life and studies of Sabrina Ho, who was the star of her night at a party attended by a range of high society guests, including young royals and British celebrities from every corner of society including musicians, photographers, and athletes.

Sabrina Ho styled by Lukas Kroulik and photographed by Vogue photographer Eliska Sky.

Sabrina Ho styled by Lukas Kroulik and photographed by Vogue photographer Eliska Sky.

It was a pleasure to work closely with her and her family to best express the essence of what makes Sabrina the vivacious and charming it-girl whose party made headlines.

Special guests included Ella Mountbatten: she and her sister Alexandra became close to Sabrina and her own sister Alice when they came out as debutantes. Spencer Matthews was arm in arm with Sabrina snapping selfies. Sir Henry and Lady Keswick came as old friends of Sabrina’s family. More than a hundred years’ ago the Keswick’s were brilliant entrepreneurs taking China by storm: now it’s the turn of the Ho family in Europe. Others coming to celebrate with Sabrina were Lord and Lady Reay, Baroness Denise Kingsmill, Sir Benjamin Slade, Ms Wendy Yu, and Mr and Mrs Dimitri Chandris. This was a party for all generations: Sabrina closed the dancing in a final waltz with Hon Benedict Kingsmill. Sabrina had insisted on no birthday gifts but could not resist Heineken magnate Michel de Carvalho’s offer of his personal iPhone case as they dined at the after party with Ms Aida Aliyeva and the Keswick’s.

Music was created by DJ and composer The Real Tuesday Weld (aka Stephen Coates) who also MC’d the evening. It’s been said that if philosopher Alain de Botton were ever to join a band, Stephen’s would be the one. The birthday song was played by pianist Brigitte Subkov from the Royal College of Music: Sabrina insisted on the English version only, as a celebration of not just her birthday, but her love of London, her life here and her many close friendships in the West. But the congratulations came from all across the world. Top Chinese actress Angela Baby and Paris Hilton sent special videos wishing Sabrina every success and happiness.

In fact, the party was such a success that she had too many guests, which newspapers and magazines were only too happy to cover. I was pleased to have been able to organise this glamorous party exclusively for her and make it perfect, with the right guests, music, and of course an impeccable cake. With my guidance, Sabrina made a statement as a society queen.

Sabrina Ho styled by Lukas Kroulik and photographed by Vogue photographer Eliska Sky.

Sabrina’s gown by Mira Zwillinger with a sheer beading cape from Inbal Dror. Her diamond earrings, ring and bracelet by Chopard.


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