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Wendy Yu and the British Lifestyle

My work with Wendy Yu and her partner Ji Liu, concert pianist, culminated in a glamorous event that made them into darlings of the red carpet. For this special evening, the pair were introduced to the ins and outs of supporting charities by working with the British Heart Foundation, all while getting the opportunity to mingle with successful people from all walks of London life: icons of pop culture, celebrities, politicians, and influencers.

Holly McDolly, model Amber Le Bon, YouTube sensation Jim Chapman, fashion and beauty vlogger and blogger Tanya Burr, fashion/technology investor, philanthropist and socialite Wendy Yu余晩晚, Lukas Kroulik.

My special skills in facilitating introductions made sure that they were able to form lasting connections with these fabulous people – and get great photographs in the process! I even invited my brother, the celebrated mentalist, to participate in the festivities, because I knew this would be an event to remember.

Lukas Kroulik and his friends.

Wendy Yu and Ji Liu’s seamless introduction to London society represents the best of what I would love to do for you as your personal stylist and director of creative events.

Wendy Yu and Ji Liu, two shining stars in the bright sky of London's cultural scene, on the steps of the world-famous V&A.


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