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Chelsea Arts Club Summer Exhibition

Updated: Feb 14

Welcome to the Chelsea Arts Club Summer Show 2023!

My image was selected from 1000 entries: visitors can see 180 selected artworks on the walls of this legendary building.

My sustainability and climate change awareness art, titled CARBON, is a double portrait of an evergreen oak leaf (not-evergreen=climate-change-factor) which I found on the way to the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan in 2022. It is for sale alongside other works by renowned contemporary artists who like me are members of the club.

It is one of three artworks from my sustainability and climate change awareness art series inspired by my expedition to the Himalayas and the Snowman Race.

CARBON is a double portrait of an evergreen oak leaf in a recycled plastic frame.

I was thrilled to invite my family, friends, clients, art lovers and collectors to this members’ club founded in 1890.

'CARBON' by Lukas Kroulik - Chelsea Arts Club Summer Exhibition 2023.

Zen Aqeel, Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, Lukas Kroulik and Anna-Maria (L-R).

I wanted to take my insights beyond an art show into friends homes and onto the street, and created this prototype bag under my personal LK brand from the original artwork. This is a bag for life in the fullest sense as it can take in hats, shoes, jumpers, umbrellas, food and much more. And it was made locally, through an entrepreneurial start-up here in London.


I co-designed my unique photo frames with made in London out of the plastic waste collected from the streets of Soho.


I have been printing all of my photographs at the Print Space since 2008 and this photograph titled CARBON (positive and negative of a found evergreen oak leaf in Bhutan in 2022) was professionally printed by them.

An end to end carbon neutral service theprintspace is the UK’s first Fine Art & Photo printing service that is completely carbon neutral.

Trees fight climate change - they are not just sources of food, medicines and materials. The carbon-locking qualities of trees and woods are crucial in the fight against climate change.

In this project I wanted to draw on my passions and build on my personal experiences.

Planting and looking after the trees locks carbon and this is something what I celebrate in my uplifting work.

My work also demonstrates that we can create beautiful and useful things out of recycled materials collected by people in between jobs and volunteers who are looking for some new purpose and help to keep our streets and surroundings clean.

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